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Project Description

The FIM WF Activity for PowerShell makes is easy to use PowerShell inside FIM workflows.

The activity is also a good example of using diagnostic tracing inside FIM WF.
Sample PS WF Creation.JPG

Who is this for?

The code samples in this project are interesting if you match the following:
  • You have FIM 2010 or MIM 2016 deployed
  • You want to take advantage of workflow in FIM/MIM
  • You prefer PowerShell Scripting to Windows Workflow Foundation development

The goal in this project was to use the minimum amount of .NET code in my FIM/MIM workflows, and the maximum amount of PowerShell.
FIM/MIM is an IT Pro product, so PowerShell made the most sense from an extensibility point of view.

Solution Components


A Workflow Activity that participates in FIM 2010/MIM 2016 workflow by switching WorkflowData items for PowerShell variables

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